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Pune Police Commissioner issues SOP to curb violence against doctors

Dr. Rajan Sancheti, President, IMA – Pune Chapter appreciates the Commissioner for SOP

Pune: A delegation of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune Chapter had met the Pune Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar and had pointed out to him on the growing incident of violence against doctors in Pune. They also pointed out the growing tendency of vandalising hospitals and damaging the infrastructure. Also the number of unjustified police complaints have risen drastically. The delegation pointed out that there has been several incidents wherein unjustified complaints are given against medical practitioners claiming medical negligence, delay in treatment and overcharging just for harassment of doctors. Kin of patients also force cops to file complaints which against the doctors are baseless and not all Cops are aware of the SOPs that have to be followed while handling complaints against doctors.

In response to the complaint the Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar issued a circular to the police stations in Pune directing them for strict and effective implementation of SOPs. The Police Commissioner said, “In the case of inappropriate behaviour by the relatives with medical professionals and hospital action should be taken as per The Maharashtra Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage or Loss to Property) Act, 2010.” As per the circulars, all hospitals should provide their phone number or mobile number to the respective police station and senior officials and be in touch with them regularly to solve the problems faced by them. Furthermore, if the hospital administration senses a law-and-order problem may arise in the hospital after the death of the patient they should immediately inform the police station and request manpower from the police station.  

Dr. Rajan Sancheti, President, IMA – Pune Chapter thanked Amitesh Kumar for issuing the circular. He added that the strict implementation of the SOP by both the doctors and police will be of great help to the doctors who will feel safe and secure. Also it will provide an environment where doctors can deliver their duties effectively without any fear.