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Bhopal Doctor defrauded of Rs 1.5 Crore by elderly employee

Bhopal: “Blind trust can lead to disaster”, and in Bhopal a doctor who was director of Arihant Kidney & Multispecialty Hospital was duped of Rs.1.5 crores by a trusted elderly employee.  An elderly employee named Rajkumar, aged 70 years, was employed by the doctor to supervise the construction work of his hospital. The doctor had planned to start a kidney-focused hospital in the Kolar region in 2018. In search of a trustworthy person to oversee the undertaking, the physician contacted a medical professional he was acquainted with. Rajkumar, his father, was suggested by this agent for the position of supervisor.

From the start, the elderly man named Rajkumar assumed responsibility for overseeing the construction. He stayed interested in the hospital’s upkeep even after it was operating. At first, this approach appeared to be successful since Rajkumar was given the responsibility of overseeing the hospital because the doctor was confident in his skills. But everything changed when Rajkumar abruptly stopped showing up for work. The doctor became suspicious of this sudden absence and the doctor inquired with the hospital staff members. The doctor looked into the overall working and accounts that Rajkumar was handling and found that Rajkumar was purportedly involved in financial irregularities. Examining the hospital’s finances and accounts, it was discovered that almost Rs 1.5 crore had been embezzled. Throughout Rajkumar’s tenure at the hospital, a substantial sum had been embezzled, signifying a betrayal of confidence and an intricate counterfeiting plot.

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The doctor officially filed a police complaint and an investigation was launched and subsequently a forgery case was registered against Rajkumar. As part of their continuing investigation, the police taped Rajkumar’s statements after gathering preliminary evidence. This case is still under investigation.