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Madras HC : Doctors cannot adopt pick-and-choose attitude; Refuses PG doctors from bond service

Chennai: The Madras High Court bench comprising of Justice S M Subramaniam while hearing petition moved by two PG’s seeking relieve from their bond service refused to grant any relieve to the PG’s and stated that doctors cannot adopt pick-and-choose attitude while treating patients, especially the poor patients. Justice S M Subramaniam in his judgment said that denial of treatment to poor patients in government hospitals despite agreeing it under the bond goes against the ethos of medical ethics and dismissed the petition of the PGs.

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The judgment said that the bond service is nothing but a service to humanity and to the poor sections of the society who due to financial constraints are unable to get paid treatment, such limited services sought for from the PG doctors cannot be denied.  Through the bond policies the government will be able to seep into the most vulnerable contributors of the economy and be able to provide quality health care services. The judgment further said that the PG doctors after fully agreeing to the terms in the bond had agreed to render their services and it is only in the true spirit of the medical profession that their valuable services are rendered for those who have come to the government hospitals in search of specialized treatment, it is the greatest form of service to the humanity and is a testament of a true doctor. The services of a doctor are far different from any other service, saving one life is a contribution not only to the patient but to his family, his dependents, and even the economy of a country, added the judgment. The petitioners have prayed in the petition that they have served during the COVID-19 pandemic, hence that period should be considered in the bond service but the bench refused to accept the contention of the PG’s and dismissed their petition.