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Safdarjung Hospital’s issues new social media directive to its staff

New Delhi: Ashok Kumar Pal, Deputy Director (Admin), Safdarjung Hospital has issued a circular directing the hospital staff not to post any unofficial work-related content on social media or instant messaging platforms. This move is aimed at maintaining the hospital’s reputation and ensuring that employees’ online activities reflect positively on the institution. The new circular has been issued to uphold professionalism, protect the reputation of the hospital and to maintain patient confidentiality. By adhering to the circular the staff will contribute to a positive, respectful, and efficient work environment, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to patients, said the circular. These directive serves as a reminder of the importance of managing digital interactions responsibly. Upholding these standards ensures that the trust placed in medical professionals by patients and the community remains strong and unwavering.

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The circular explicitly instructs all staff members to refrain from posting any content related to their assigned work or job responsibilities on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. This includes status updates and any posts that could potentially harm the hospital’s reputation. The circular further states that employees who violate this directive could face serious disciplinary actions, including suspension. The hospital has made it clear that any content reflecting negatively on the institution or its employees will not be tolerated. This directive serves as a strict reminder to maintain professionalism at all times, both offline and online. The circular emphasizes the need for all staff members to uphold the highest professional standards in their interactions, whether in person or on digital platforms. It also highlights the importance of using official channels for any complaints or issues, rather than airing them publicly on social media.