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Ophthalmologist assaulted for postponing cataract surgery

Ahmedabad: In a bizarre incident, two resident doctors of M & J Institute of Opthalomology of BJ Medical College were assaulted by the patient’s relative as they had opted for postponement of a scheduled cataract surgery. The accused is the son of patient and had on altercation with the two doctors on hearing the postponement of a scheduled cataract surgery and became aggressive and assaulted the doctors and the security guard.

The father of the accused along with other patients was called for pre-operative checkup at 7.00 – 7.30 am. The accused along with his father reached the hospital at 11.00 am by that time the consulting doctors had checked other patients and the list of patient for cataract has been finalized. When the patients son approached the doctor he was informed as the list has been finalized his father cataract operation will be held on another day. Annoyed on hearing the postponement the accused son slapped the resident doctor and when a junior doctor came to the rescue of resident doctor he was also assaulted. A security guard who tried to intervene was also assaulted and the entire incident was caught in CCTV. Police has arrested the accused and an institutional FIR has been lodged.