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MLA complains about absentee of 2 doctors

Salary of the both the doctors stopped

Behrampur : Manoranjan Dyan Samantara, after receiving complaints of the continuous absentee of 2 doctors of the Community health center (CHC) at Chikiti visited the hospital. The MLA visited the CHC and verified the attendance register only to confirm that the doctors have not signed the register for a very long period and also they have not taken leave. The MLA complained to the Ganjam chief district medical officer has ordered to stop the salaries of the two doctors of the CHC, Chikiti for being absent from duty allegedly without taking leave.

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“After getting a complaint from Chikiti MLA, we issued show-cause notices to the doctors and also ordered to stop the payment of their salary since June 13 till they returned to the CHC” Uma Shankar Mishra, Ganjam chief district medical officer, said, adding, “We are waiting for their reply to the notices to take further action.” The medical officer added that the two doctors have been asked to reply to the show cause notice.