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In Telangana doctors can register, renew their licenses online

Hyderabad : The Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC) launched a portal that will exclusively cater to the registration and renewal of licenses for doctors. This is aimed at expediting the license renewal and registration process ahead of the TSMC elections, which were put on hold because of delays in such registrations. While earlier only four types of licenses were issued by the council, the portal will now issue 15 different types. In the portal, TSMC has provided a list of documents required for online registration. Different set of documents are required for the 15 different types of licenses which the portal intents to issue. TSMC officials pointed out that the registration process has been so sluggish that an exercise that had to be completed by last August remains incomplete as doctors have been delaying the registrations for various reasons. Doctors can register themselves at https://onlinetsmc.in/.