Medical student alleges ragging, senior booked at Solan

Solan : The Dharampur police have registered a case of ragging against a doctor of MMU Medical College and Hospital, Sultanpur, after a post...
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GMC suspends gynecologists license for 6 months for failure to perform C Section leading to the death of woman and child

Ahmedabad : The Gujarat medical council on the basis of the expert opinion of a 3-member committee suspended the license of a gynecologist in Kadi, Mehsana. The 3-member committee has found the gynecologist guilty of gross negligence by forcing normal childbirth rather than Caesarean-section resulting in the death of the child and its mother during childbirth. On the basis of a police complaint filed by Vikas Gambhir his wife Lakshmi was pregnant for the third time and the couple had consulted the gynecologist at his Kadi hospital. The gynecologist has advised that like the previous two deliveries the present third delivery will also be Caesarean-section.

Lakshmi experienced labor pain one day before the due date and was rushed to the hospital of the gynecologist wherein the gynecologist was absent. The Ayurvedic doctor present at the time of admission of Lakshmi spoke to the gynecologist and informed Vikas that they will go for normal delivery. Vikas repeatedly asked the Ayurvedic doctor to call the gynecologist as Caesarean-section was to be performed but the night staff went ahead with the normal delivery which led to the child being stillborn. Also the condition of Lakshmi deteriorated and she was shifted to Bhagyoday hospital where she could not be saved. Taking note of the incidence a 3-member committee was formed which was of the opinion “ Adverse consequences could have been avoided if the lower abdominal Caesarean procedure was performed after the patient was admitted in an emergency as the earlier two childbirths of the patient were risky and done through caesarean procedures.”Considering the expert opinion of the committee, the Gujarat medical council suspended the license of the gynecologist for a period of  6 months and the Ayurvedic council was requested to take action against the Ayurvedic doctor.

Legal PrescriptionSpecialists on leave should appoint a locum of the same specialty to deal with emergency patients.In case of the specialist and locum being non-available for the emergency patient, the emergency patient should not be admitted in the hospital.The emergency patient should be immediately referred to tertiary hospital having the facility and specialist to treat the emergency patient.