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Foreign Currency Investment Scam : Surgeon duped of Rs.50 Lakhs

Gurugram: A surgeon working in the surgical oncology department at a hospital in Gurugram allegedly lost Rs.50 Lakhs in a foreign currency scam. A woman started having friendly conversation on social media and claimed that she was a financial advisor and can give financial advice. After befriending with the woman, the woman continued their conversation on Telegram, where she gained his trust and offered advice on gaining maximum returns from foreign currency investments.

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The surgeon lured by huge profit initially invested Rs. 40,000 on a website suggested by the woman. He saw a huge profit and was able to withdraw Rs. 5,200. Encouraged by these returns, he increased his investment over time, reaching Rs. 23 lakh by May. The surgeon was advised to invest more, which required paying a tax of $9,000 for a profit of $30,000 by the woman. The doctor continued to pay these taxes regularly, eventually totaling Rs. 50 lakh, including the tax amounts. After two months, the woman blocked his contact, and the doctor was unable to reach her via phone or WhatsApp. Realizing he had been defrauded, he submitted a complaint to the Cyber Police Station of South District last month. A senior police officer confirmed that a case of cheating under section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been lodged and the police is investigating the scam.