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West Bengal Government to introduce E – prescriptions

Kolkata : The West Bengal health departments has decided to introduce E- prescriptions in all the state-run health utilities this year as a measure to bring about a permanent solution to the teething problem of preserving patient data and their case histories.State health department sources said that E-prescription will be introduced this year in all state-run medical colleges and hospitals, district hospitals and primary health centers. The new system of E-prescription will also address the issue of patients and their family members of not being able to understand the hand-written prescriptions.

It is learnt that the E-prescription system will start with the health centers by July this year, and slowly the facility will be extended to other health utilities.”The system has already been introduced on a trial basis in certain departments in a couple of state-run hospitals,” the state health department official added.The process is expected to be fully operational in all state-run utilities within this calendar year.