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Two doctors declare new-born as dead to sell the infant to a local politician

Mother persists of healthy baby leading to the expose after a month

Balrampur, UP: In a shocking case from Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur, two doctors falsely declared a new-born baby dead only to sell the infant, who has now been recovered after the mother’s month-long struggle. The police have arrested the accused identified as Dr. Akram Jamal and Dr. Hifzur Rahman and the hospital where the incident happened has been sealed by the administration. Pushpa Devi, wife of Jai Jairam was admitted to the Mission Hospital and Maternal Child Surgical Centre in Pachpedwa. Dr. Akram Jamal of the hospital called Dr. Hifzur Rahman of Siddharth Nagar for the operation. Accordingly, the operation was performed by Dr. Hifzur Rahman.

However after that the doctors sold the new-born child to Nisar, the councillor of Badhni Nagar Panchayat ward no 2. After regaining consciousness, Pushpa Devi was told that her child had died but the mother did not believe the same and kept pursuing the hospital to return her child.

According to reports, Pushpa Devi’s husband thought that she was in shock and he kept trying to placate her, however, she would demand that her child be returned every day for the last month. She would visit the hospital every day with that demand. Finally, her husband approached the Pachpedwa police station to file a complaint. The police too reportedly tried to make Pushpa Devi understand thinking that she is unable to believe the news of her child’s death. But it was Pushpa Devi’s confidence which prompted the police to get to work. The police launched an investigation and found out the truth. Inspector-in-charge Awadhesh Raj Singh said that at first, he thought that the mother was unable to accept the loss of her child, but after seeing her persistence, they decided to take action. The police also got a tip-off indicating that the child was sold. In the probe, it was found that Pushpa Devi had delivered a healthy baby, but doctor Akram Jamal and Hifzur Rahman handed over the child to councillor Nisar and lied to her that the child had died. Subsequently, the doctors were arrested and sent to jail. The child was also recovered from Nisar’s house and handed over to the family.

According to police, the arrested accused claimed that Nisar was without a child hence they gave the child to him without taking any money. However, the same has not yet been confirmed. The police are investigating all angles which could also involve a child trafficking racket. Meanwhile the councillor Nisar has reportedly escaped to Nepal and efforts are underway to arrest him. Following the development, the health department sealed the Mission Hospital and Maternal Child Surgical Centre in Pachpedwa, and removed the board outside the hospital. The administration also revealed that the hospital was being run illegally. While raiding the hospital, the officials found that another hospital in the area was also being run illegally without any valid documents, and that hospital was also shut down.