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Shahpur Government Hospital: Boy circumcised instead of leg surgery

Thane: The parents of a nine-year-old boy from Shahapur, Thane were in a state of shock after their child was circumcised instead of the pre-planned leg surgery that was to be performed at the government-run hospital. The parents have complained to the police that doctors of the government-run hospital had wrongly performed a surgery on the genitals of their child instead of the pre-planned leg surgery. Following their allegation, a health official assured an inquiry into the episode, and the police said they are carrying out an investigation.

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The minor’s parents said, “The boy suffered an injury on his leg while he was playing with his friends last month. He was admitted to the sub-district hospital in Shahapur on June 15 and was undergoing treatment. The doctors recently performed a circumcision surgery on his private part instead of the injured leg.” When the parents pointed to the alleged goof-up in the surgery the doctors conducted a surgery on his injured leg soon afterwards. The parents also filed a complaint with the Shahapur police. Although no case has been registered so far in this connection, a police official said that a probe into the complaint was underway. District Civil Surgeon Dr Kailas Pawar said the health authorities will conduct an inquiry into the allegations.

Meanwhile, the medical officer at the hospital, Dr. Gajendra Pawar, told reporters that besides his leg injury, the boy also had a problem of phimosis and hence they performed two operations. On being asked that the consent was not taken for the circumcision surgery but only leg surgery, the medical officer said that the doctors might have forgotten to tell the parents or they might have told the other relatives of the patient. Dr. Pawar further added “What the doctors did was right and there was nothing wrong in it. But the parents refused to accept the explanation given by the doctors.”