NMC slams State Government for transferring faculty members for inspection


New Delhi : The NMC has slammed the practice of State Governments to transfer faculty members from one government medical college to the other to fulfill the faculty requirement before inspections of the medical colleges in order to fulfil the requirement for grant of approval/recognition.To stop this malpractice in Government medical colleges the NMC has cautioned the Department of medical Education in all states and union territories that the faculty members serving at a given medical college would not be considered employed at other medical colleges in the same academic year.

“It has been brought to the attention of the Medical Assessment and Ratings Board, NMC, that transfers of faculties are being made in government medical colleges for the purpose of fulfilling teaching/faculty requirements before the inspection by the board,” said the NMC.It states that the board has also noticed that writ petitions are also being filed at various high courts by faculties who have been transferred by the state government from one medical college to another, alleging that their transfer would result in deficiency at the first medical college.“Once a faculty for one academic year has been counted in a medical college, the same faculty cannot be accepted as a faculty of another medical college in the same academic year,” asserts the commission, adding that the faculty is required to make a declaration to this effect.The commission, however, concedes that the issue of transfer from one government medical college to another is within the administrative domain of the state government.


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