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In Khandwa hospital news dies after C-Section, Family alleges negligence

Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh: The death of a new-born has led to the family alleging gross negligence by the hospital and the gynaecologist who they allege delayed the caesarean procedure. The family of the new-born has also alleged that caesarean procedure was conducted without the consent of the family.

Vishal Jadham of Chiktikhal said that his wife Sunehri Bai was referred from Chhaigaon Makhan Hospital to the said Hospital on the morning. According to family members, the doctors unintentionally postponed the caesarean procedure to perform a normal delivery. However, due to complications that arose later, doctors ultimately performed a C-section without taking the consent of the family members for the procedure. After the C-section the doctor noticed that the new-born had some serious complications and shifted the baby to the ICU. Unfortunately, the baby passed away two days later. Jadham further alleged that his wife had been mistreated by gynaecologist from the very first month of her pregnancy. Despite receiving private treatment under the gynaecologist, including sonography in the eighth month declaring the baby healthy with a weight of 3.3 kg, the family was assured of a normal delivery.

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On the other hand, the gynaecologist responded to the allegations, stating, “It was a referred case from Chhaigaon Makhan. The delivery was done while I was on duty, and the child was in critical condition. The relatives caused a commotion at the hospital after the unfortunate incident. We empathised with their pain and chose not to file a complaint against them.” The grieving family lodged a complaint at the collectorate seeking justice for their loss.