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FedEx Parcel Scam: Hyderabad doctor losses Rs 5.80 Lakhs

A doctor from Secunderabad was cheated of ₹5.80 lakh in a parcel scam. | Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hyderabad: A 31-year old doctor from Secunderabad has lost Rs. 5.80 Lakhs in FedEx Parcel Scam adding to the list of doctors defrauded in the scam in the last 3 months. The doctor received a call from a person claiming to be representative of FedEx, Mumbai. The fake FedEx employee told the doctor that they have received a parcel meant for Iran which is having narcotics. To substantiate his claim the fake FedEx employee gave the Aadhar card details of the doctor. Subsequently, another caller posing to be official from Mumbai cyber-crime unit informed the doctor that his Aadhar card has been used for money laundering and that the doctor was required to give him the bank details and transfer some amount to verify his account. The fake cyber-crime official started threatening the doctor to transfer the money immediately which led to the doctor panicking and resulting in transferring Rs. 5.80 Lakhs to the fraudsters account. Only after the money was transferred the doctor realized that he has been cheated and lodged complaint with the police who are now investigating the case.

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