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Delhi Police direct officers to ensure the proper execution of court summons to doctors

New Delhi: Delhi police has issued official circular to its officers expressing concern over delays in investigations due to inappropriate delivery of court summons to doctors. To address this problem, the circular referred to a court ruling from a 2018 case, outlining steps that process servers must take to ensure proper delivery of summons. The circular has issued guidelines stated the do’s and don’ts while serving summons to doctors. It says “Serve the summons to the Medical Record Department, inquiring if the concerned doctor is currently employed at the hospital. If the doctor is not present, inquire about their current location and serve the summons there if possible. If the doctor’s whereabouts are unknown, the Medical Record Department should designate another doctor who can confirm the concerned doctor’s handwriting and signature. If no suitable doctor is available, any doctor from the same department may be authorized to provide testimony.”

The circular was issued as the courts proceedings are prolonged on account of non-delivery of summons to doctors who are witness to provide testimony on the contents of medical reports, including forensic and post-mortem findings.