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Ayushman Bharat fraud by Bhopal Doctor

Bhopal : The officials of Ayushman Bharat Scheme complaint with Gautam Nagar police to register a case against a doctor for fraudulently seeking payment of Rs.70,000 on account of submitting forged treatment records of two women patients. A case was registered against Dr. Sandeep Dubey who happens to be the director of a Private Hospital for submitting records of two fake patients, Jamuna Bai and Babli. The complainant Dr. Padmakar Tripathi, General Manager, Ayushman Bharat Scheme filed a complaint against Dr. Dubey when the later submitted forged documents and sought reimbursement of Rs.70,000 on account of the treatment offered to the fake patients. The alleged fraud was revealed before the payment. The police is investigating to find out whether more such forgery has been committed by Dr. Dubey in the past.