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Ahmedabad: BJMC orthopaedic resident doctor alleges harassment, probe ordered

Ahmedabad: A second-year orthopaedic resident doctor has alleged relentless harassment by his Associate Professor at BJ Medical College associated with Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. The resident doctor has filed a complaint detailing serious allegations of harassment for the last one year by Associate Professor. The resident doctor had sent out a message expressing intent to die by suicide due to the constant harassment by his Associate Professor in the Orthopaedic department.

The student alleged that the harassment began while he was a first-year resident at the MCH. He claimed he was constantly humiliated, blamed for various problems, forced to write self-incriminating letters, and “treated as a slave rather than a student.” Furthermore, the student alleged that the associate professor forced him to participate in misbehaving with and harassing his juniors, colleagues, and other staff repeatedly in front of patients, threatening to adversely affect his medical education if he resisted. In this sequence of events, the student wrote that although he would apologise to the affected persons who understood his dilemma, the accused associate professor had made his juniors file complaints against him, leading to these machinations affecting his “mental stability.”

Now an official enquiry has been initiated against the Associate Professor of Department of Orthopaedic. The college has assured of a thorough enquiry into the allegations levelled by the resident doctor.