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Patient dies after blood transfusion – Case registered under sec 304A

Bhopal : The Chhola Mandir police have registered a case against Dr. Ranjan Parashar of Aadhaar Hospital in connection with the death of a pregnant woman caused by negligence in blood transfusion. The police investigation report revealed that the woman’s health deteriorated due to a blood transfusion reaction at the hospital after which she died. The police have registered a case on the basis of the post mortem report and the statements of the family members against the doctor and the hospital.

The deceased patient, Priyanka Rai (23) was admitted to Aadhaar Hospital in Karond for delivery of her child. The woman was 35 weeks 6 days pregnant. The same evening at around five Dr Shikha got the delivery done by operation and Priyanka delivered a baby boy. The next day when the woman’s health deteriorated, Dr. Ranjan Parashar offered blood at 2 pm. After this, the woman died at 10.30 pm. The post mortem of the woman was done in which the statements of family members and doctors were taken.

It was learned in the statement that the blood was received from the blood bank at 5 pm to offer it to the woman but it was offered at 2 pm next day, that is after about 21 hours to the patient. Due to which the health of the woman started deteriorating further. Because of this the blood transfusion was stopped. On the basis of the PM report, a case was registered against Dr. Ranjan Parashar (55) under Section-304-A of IPC. In the investigation it was found that death was due to old blood transfusion.