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NMC : Doctors to get unique ID in NMR by end of 2024

New Delhi : Dr Yogendra Malik, Member Ethics and Medical Registration Board of NMC said that all the doctors in the country will have a unique identification number by the end of 2024 with the National Medical Commission working on creating a National Medical Register (NMR) a centralised repository of doctors practising in India. A pilot project will be launched for the implementation of NMR will be launched within the next six months.

The NMR will replace the Indian Medical Register (IMR) and will be made available to the public and placed on the NMC website. It shall display the information of a doctor such as his/her UID, registration number, name, place of work, qualifications, speciality and name of the Institute/University from where the qualifications were obtained among other key details. “The initiative of creating ‘one nation one registration platform’ for doctors is also aimed at eliminating duplication and red-tapism,” Dr Malik said.

Initially, the undergraduate students will be assigned ‘masked UIDs’, and once the student completes the MBBS degree, they will get unmasked UIDs. The allowed UIDs will remain with the doctors throughout their professional careers. Additionally, doctors can update their qualifications on the portal and the new register will allow doctors to seek licences to practise in multiple states. Presently, nearly 14 lakh doctors are registered with the IMR. They need not worry as the entire data will be transferred to the NMR. They won’t have to register again,” Dr Malik said. The UID will be generated centrally by the Ethics and Medical Registration Board (EMRB) of the NMC and thereby grant the practitioner, registration in NMR and eligibility to practice medicine in India. “Once they are registered with the NMR, they will be able to apply and also take license to work in multiple states,” Dr Malik said.

Key features of NMR
All doctors to have Unique Identification Number (UID) by the end of 2024

NMR will be available in public domain and will give the complete professional detail of the doctor to the public

Undergraduates will be assigned masked UID which will be unmasked after completion of MBBS degree

No need for registration for doctors registered in IMR as their data will be transferred from IMR to NMR and they will be allotted UID

License to work in multiple states after getting UID