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Controversy Erupts Over Homeopath Appointment to Punjab Medical Council

Amritsar: The appointment of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjeev Gautam who had unsuccessfully contested the 2017 assembly elections on an AAP ticketto the Punjab Medical Council (PMC) has triggered a row with many, including the Punjab Chapter of Indian Medical Association, questioning the government’s decision to nominate a homeopath to a council for medical practitioners. Sanjeev Gautam’s nomination to the PMC has been met with skepticism and disapproval from various quarters of the medical community. The PMC Act’s Section 6 clearly states that only registered medical practitioners are eligible for council membership, a criterion Gautam does not meet due to his background in homeopathy.

In response to the controversy, a senior health department official disclosed that the government is revisiting the decision. Gautam, on his part, stated that he was recently made aware of his appointment and is yet to familiarize himself with the PMC Rules. His appointment was part of a broader initiative by the Chief Minister’s Office on February 26, which also saw several other AAP leaders being appointed to different boards and corporations. This move has raised questions about the criteria and processes used in such appointments.

The debate surrounding Gautam’s appointment touches on broader themes of meritocracy, professional standards, and the integrity of medical governance in Punjab. The inclusion of a non-registered practitioner as a council member could potentially undermine the council’s authority and the trust placed in it by both medical professionals and the public. This incident serves as a critical juncture for the PMC and the Punjab government, prompting a re-evaluation of appointment practices to safeguard the medical profession’s standards and ethics.

The controversy surrounding Sanjeev Gautam’s appointment to the Punjab Medical Council underscores the delicate balance between political appointments and the need to maintain professional and ethical standards within key institutions. As the debate unfolds, it will be crucial for all parties involved to navigate this situation with transparency, adherence to legal frameworks, and a commitment to upholding the integrity of the medical profession.